April 2022 Student Exemplar

Student Exemplar – Matthew R, 7th Grader at Westfield Middle School

  • Matt is a 7th grade student at Westfield Middle School. 
  • He is an all-around exemplary student. He shows an incredible amount of

respect for both his teachers and peers.

  • Matt always portrays the pillars of character, while also encouraging his

classmates to do the same.

  • He is a hard worker in the classroom and shows a great amount of commitment

and motivation to succeed.

  • Matt has actively participated in Westfield sports including basketball and

volleyball. He is a dedicated athlete who is a constant model of sportsmanship to

his teammates.

  • For being an outstanding student who continues to be a role model for the

Westfield community, the Board of Education recognizes Matt Renger with the

student exemplar award for the month of April.