Pranay is a hard working and successful 6th grade student.  He puts detail and effort into all of his work.   Pranay always follows directions, asks questions when needed, gives his best everyday, and is a great role model in any setting.  Pranay is welcoming to his peers and includes everyone’s perspectives and ideas when working in a group.  He is a kind teammate and is very respectful. In addition to his leadership in the classroom, Pranay joined the stage crew for the fall play and quickly learned how to run the lightboard and operate the technical side of a stage production.  Pranay also sets high expectations for himself in the band room, always being prepared no matter how busy his schedule.  He leads by example and helps to elevate the level of the groups he performs with.  Pranay always shows the great qualities and traits of a Westfield Warrior as well as the Character Counts Pillars inside and outside the classroom.  Pranay is a great example of what it means to be a Warrior!