We are proud to nominate Ella Demas as the Westfield Above and Beyond for May! Ella shows pride and integrity in everything she does whether it be academic or extracurricular. She proves every day that she is an incredible leader in the classroom. Ella engages her classmates in discussions and is a model for academic excellence. In addition to being an excellent student, Ella shows great character and consistently displays the characteristics of what it means to be a WARRIOR. Ella is welcoming to her classmates and is sure to include others in all aspects of the school day. She is ambitious and ready to take on any challenge that is presented to her. Ella’s respectful attitude towards both her peers and teachers is commendable. She shows responsibility in the many activities she participates in. Ella is always looking for innovative ways to improve herself and the school community. She is optimistic about her future and the learning she knows will come from working hard. Finally, Ella is reflective about her decisions and knows that will guide her to be the most successful version of herself. 

As an active member of Westfield band and drama productions, Ella balances extracurricular activities and academics with ease and responsibility. She has actively participated in theater in her two years at Westfield. Ella is responsible and mature in her commitment to every production she is in, and she has grown as a leader among her castmates. Whether she is helping younger castmates with choreography or encouraging them with tips on being on stage, Ella has stepped up as a role model and demonstrates a positive, inclusive attitude that makes us proud to have her on stage.  In addition, Ella is a member of the Westfield Band.  She is never afraid to accept a difficult challenge, and will work hard until the challenge is met and achieved.  She is a kind student who is very helpful to those around her, and does not hesitate to give up free time outside of school to help others, whether it be an extra class, or coming in early to a performance to set up chairs, or whatever is needed.

Ella is an excellent representation of what it means to be a Warrior!